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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Halo Maps

Reading about Halo "Hunters" today.... and came across this.

From Bungie.net

Azathoth117 asks: Are the orange worm-type thingies in the back of the Scarab the same things as the worms in Hunters, or is it just superficial resemblance?

Bungie: The resemblance is not just superficial. A future DLC map might expand upon that mystery.

So this means two things.

1) From what I've read, the "Hunters" are made up of thousands of little "Eel" like creatures that bind into a super organism. Usually this is the "Hunter" but in Halo 3, they also take the form of the Scarab (that big purple tank what kicks your ass), which appears unmanned, but is actually controlled by the eels.

2) There will be a Downloadable Map in the future which will take place on the "Eel" planet, or will have a Scarab to battle in/upon. I would point to the already mentioned "Purple Reign" Purple = the color of the scarab , Reign/Rain = the type of death which comes from above.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Action Figures are NOT dolls! (says the U.S. Government)

This is old news (2003) but apparently, Toy Biz sued the U.S. Government to prove that the items that they produce are "Action Figures" and not "Dolls" which the Government Agreed to.

Apparently, "Dolls" which are more humanlike, have a higher tariff rate, than mutants, monsters, and meta-humans. The article also says that writers, such as Chuck Austen were surprised and offended at this decision to dehumanize super-heros, which mirrors the suprise and offense that I experienced while reading Mr. Austen's run on Uncanny X-men.