LOST season 6 countdown

Friday, December 18, 2009


Don't know if anyone reading this is aware, but LOST fans have been producing some really great pieces of art in anticipation of the show's final season. At first there was just the pieces at damoncarltonandapolarbear.com (all really cool), but now Gallery 1988 in California has gotten into the spirit with even more pieces! Here is my favorite, called LOST Showdowns, by Scott Campbell.

Not all the pieces are this cutesy. There is really a wide variety of styles and some of it is pretty astounding considering it is just fan art for a TV show on ABC. If you like LOST take the time to look at all of them. Really cool stuff.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New TRON 2 Poster

Frakking sweet!

Bring it.

Via a lot of places on the internet.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Check out this new trailer for the final season of Lost. Its in spanish and its fucking awesome! No new footage but still cool.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

REVIEW: Star Trek: Mission's End

This was a mini series that I've had my eye on since I first heard of it, and I finally got the chance to pick up the trade paperback collection yesterday. (Yes, I wait for the trades). I am very much an Original Series fan, and this looked to be a good adventure in that vein. The last adventure, as a matter of fact. The hook is that this is the final mission of the Enterprise crew under Kirk's command. Five years goes by fast (especially when you get canceled after three).
The book begins with a flashback to Kirk's first mission as Captain, and features characters we only saw in the series' second pilot like Gary Mitchell and the blonde dude he eventually force chokes (who surprisingly had a name). They have been spying on an alien race of insect beings for a while decide the time has come to make first contact with them. It's an event Trek fans here about but seldom get to see, made all the more interesting by the world the aliens live on and in. Their entire planet is actually a massive space station built by giants (complete with huge stairs and seats) that was abandoned millions of years ago. Since then insects and lower life forms evolved to intelligence, developed a culture, warp drive, etc. From the first contact we flash forward five years. The alien's are being inducted into the Federation, and Kirk is there to see it happen. A perfect bookend to this crew's career, but everything is not as it seems...

It is an interesting story and feels very much in line with TOS. The scope of this story is large and not something we ever really got to see on the show, but I am sure we would have had Roddenberry and team had the resources. All of the characters get their moment in the sun, though I wish Spock had been given more to do, and they all sound like themselves. One of the purposes of the book was to show why the band broke up, so to speak. When they all reunite in The Motion Picture Bones has retired to the old country disco and Spock is shrooming on Vulcan. Bones' decision to leave Starfleet makes sense based on what happens in this story. Spock's, on the other hand, seems really sudden and a bit drastic. I found myself rereading the last few pages a couple times going "Wait, WTF?".
The art is good, but not great. The creature designs are good the alien culture seems well thought out. I wasn't blown away but I was never let down. Often times with books based on Film and TV properties every frame seems DOA because the artist is just tracing stills of the actors. For the most part that wasn't happening here. The characters look like the actors, but not photos of the actors. The line art is well supported by the coloring. It's bright and loud, just like you would expect from a show who's color palette was designed to sell then new Color TVs.
I really enjoyed Mission's End despite wanting a little more substance from Spock. It's a fun adventure and a fitting final episode to a great show that never got one. Another good Trek book from IDW.

Mission's End was written by Ty Templeton and drawn by Steve Molnar.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Wolfman Poster

AICN just posted the new 1 sheet for the upcoming Wolfman movie starring Dr. Gonzo. The movie looks cool and the poster is not bad, but... take a look.
Harry says it is very film noir, but for some reason it reminds me a little of this.

Maybe its just me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Battlecock Galactiballs: The stupid Plan.

Me and Feyonce recently finished up the entire series of Battlestar Galactica. I am actually proud of the fact that I got her to watch it at all. Lets face it, a title like Battlestar Galactica doesn't inspire a lot of interest from a potential audience. Before long I was overhearing her say "I love BSG" to her friends and family, with no provocation on my part. She even cried at the finale! A lot of people hated the ending but I thought it was great, though not perfect (is anything?). All in all, a solid program that is infinitely superior to the original (anyone who disagrees probably like Voyager). I was both sad and glad to see it end.

And then there was 'The Plan'.

'The Plan' was a follow up movie that was supposed to show the first two seasons of the show from the perspective of the Cylons. OMG! I was so there!

I never thought the Cylon's plan would be so boring.

Adama himself promised it would show the entire series in a new light, prompting you to reevaluate what you thought you knew. Apparently this meant showing Cylons switching wigs and hiding in closets to confuse silly humans. Wow. What a revelation. Although its nice to have some plot holes finally filled it felt like I had selected 'play all' on a DVD of webisodes. Probably the worst part of the movie was the pointless inclusion of nudity. Don't get me wrong, I love the nudes, but putting in a bunch of naked extras out of focus in the background, at this point in a nudity free series, seems like a shameless cry for attention. And it's not just naked ladies. There is some penis in here to. A quick zoom in on an anonymous penis in a co-ed restroom. Why the frak is there a penis on a show called Battlestar Galactica?

The whole thing seems pointless. And aside from an incredibly awesome opening showing the Cylons destroying humanity it's not really worth watching. But lets hope it does well so we can get a Final Five movie out of the deal. That's what this should have been.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

They're actually going to make that Taun Taun sleeping bag.

from Thinkgeek : "ATTN Tauntaun Fanatics! We should have the real version of these cool sleeping bags arriving in early November. Initial quantities will be limited..."

99 bucks. I feel like the internet has willed something into existence.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Man Murdered for his Batman Collection

Holy Crap!

A guy with soundly awesome collection of Batman Memorabilia was killed! For his awesome collection of Batman Memorabilia.

From the Miami Herald;

Much of the Batman memorabilia owned by slain Fontainebleau heir Ben Novack Jr. is missing from several warehouses in Broward County, The Miami Herald has learned. Sources close to the case said the locks on the warehouses were cut.

How bad does the economy have to get before this starts happening to Booster Gold fans?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Gamefly texted me early this morning to let me know this is on the way. Yes. Gamefly sends me text messages.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks for the laughs.

Swayze is dead. Long live Swayze.

Somewhere in heaven this contest continues.

Locke Rap

Season six can't get her soon enough.

Nuts of the Old Republic

Animals with Lightsabers- via Io9.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Anakin that time forgot.

Ever wonder what happened to Jake Lloyd? The kid from Phantom Menace? Here is a recent interview with him, ten years after TPM. It is a very unfortunate angle on Mr. Lloyd, shot by someone who only knows how to use the onboard mic. He seems like he is coping rather well, considering.


Beaterator by Rockstar Games and Timbaland

Listen to Timbaland create a track on the Beaterator software, coming to PSP and iPhone this fall.

Try before you buy at RockstarGames.com

Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney's Secret Wars

I am sure you've all heard, from the post below and every news outlet in the world, that Disney has bought Marvel Comics. I don't know if I would call it a wake though. Hell, WB bought DC ages ago and it's been working out fine so far. This business does get me a excited about one possibility, though: Pixar doing Spider-Ham?

Cross your fingers.

Looks like that 70th birthday celebration was a wake.

Today, Disney announced it's intention to buy Marvel Comics for 4 billion dollars. Disney will acquire the rights to over 5,000 characters under this agreement.

Start writing your Loki meets Donald Duck treatment today.

Disney to buy Marvel

Friday, August 28, 2009

"You will learn from Clooney, the Jedi master who instructed me."

This movie looks fucking awesome! Its got a killer fucking cast to boot! Young Ben Kenobi, Keyser Soze, Starman, and...well...Clooney.

Can't wait. This gets me giddy the way Avatar never has, or will.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This comes out monthly.

Archie comics. Incredibly awesome and terrifyingly wretched.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Halo 3 : ODST Preview.

Last week I read a post on Halo.Bungie.Org that Bungie was going to roll out a special preview for ODST, making select stops around the country. Since Portland is next door to Seattle, they came to see us on Day 2.

So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, with plenty of other options for the day, Aaron and I elected to stand in a mostly empty parking lot in Hillsboro, with a bunch of other sweaty nerds, hoping to play then newest version of Halo 3.

There was a giant black truck filled with 8 Xboxs, and matching Televisions. A mobile Lan Party. The Microsoft P.R. guys were there, in their Bungie shirts. Doing trivia. Handing out "Prizes", which were these silly license plate covers that had the word "Warthog" on them. The P.R. guy also took great pride to let us know that the truck was wrapped in real Kevlar. It all seemed a little bit too Nascar for my tastes, but then again, I'm about 10 years older than their prime demographic.

The game itself was very fun. And as much as the P.R. guy was trying to convince us otherwise, the few minutes we played of the game felt a lot like Gears Of War Horde Mode. It was fun to see covenant dropships again, I feel like they haven't been used widely since Halo 1. The computer sent waves of Jackals, Drones, Grunts and Brutes. One time, it even dropped a Wraith near us, and we had to disable it by hand. I attached a clip of Firefight mode below to give you an idea of how the game looks and feels.

The biggest drawback to the event was that ODST was still in beta, and it crashed a lot. This is kind of surprising for a game that is 1 month away from being on store shelves. Aaron and I got to play for about 4 minutes before it crashed. They had promised us 10, so they let us restart the session, and it played for about 3 more minutes before it crashed again. This scenario happened to pretty much everybody who got to play, which explained the abysmally slow line progress. Given Bungie's track record, these bugs should be squashed by the time the game is released.

There was one question that Aaron had though... where's the Battle Rifle?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Friday, August 21, 2009

Our 48 Hour Film

Here is 3ccd Mafia's entry into the the 2009 48 Film Project, Portland Oregon edition. To qualify, we had to use the following:

Character: Brian or Briana merrywether, lab tech.

Prop: A picture frame.

Line: "For crying out loud!"

Genre we drew out of a hat: Mockumentary.

Unfortunately Jonpaul was too busy stuffing his poi hole in Hawaii to be a part of this groundbreaking project.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

September is going to make my ass fall asleep.

First off, Halo ODST will be playable in Hillsboro on Sunday, August 23rd. I have to convince my co-hort Pilot to Gunner to go to this event with me. Halo ODST will be released on September 22nd, a scant one month from now.

Second-ofly, Kotaku has a small writeup on the three new maps that will be released with Halo ODST, Heretic, Citadel, and Longshore. Heretic is a remake of Midship, which is a Halo 2 classic.

All of this, plus the new Batman Arkham Asylum game pretty much ensures I'll be indoor for most of September.

Crossing my fingers for rain.

Hey, remember Minority Report?

Moving images in print publications have long been featured in science fiction films set in the distant future. Well, it looks like the distant future is September 18th, 2009! That is when CBS will be running video ads in Entertainment Weekly Magazine!

From cnet.
'The technology for the battery-powered ads was manufactured by a Los Angeles-based company called Americhip, and each ad can handle about 40 minutes of video.'

40 minutes!? Holy crap! If they could push the tech a little more you could be watching one hour dramas while you wait around at the Doctor's office. Speaking of the tech, here is a little more.

'The screen, which is 2.7 millimeters thick, has a 320x240 resolution. The battery lasts for about 65 to 70 minutes, and can be recharged, believe it or not, with a mini USB cord--there's a jack on the back of it. The screen, which uses thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) technology, is enforced by protective polycarbonate. It's a product that has been in development at Americhip for about two years, spokesman Tim Clegg told CNET News via e-mail.'

That's effin sweet! So are they using this tech for good or evil? Well, they're advertising shows like TWO AND A HALF MEN! Does that answer your question? George Schweitzer, CBS marketing president, tries to explain himself.

"The evolution of marketing television in the fall--it used to be as simple as this," Schweitzer said, holding up a vintage copy of TV Guide. "It was axiomatic in those days. If you took an ad in TV Guide, people watched your program. Not anymore."

Yeah, because actually making the shows good so people would want to watch them would have been harder than creating groundbreaking tech.

Changing gears here, I want to address the environmental impact. These ads are really just little LCDs, right? I am pretty sure that the stuff in them isn't great for ecosystem. So what happens when we start filling magazines and newspapers with these things? Before long they're going to be on cereal boxes and beer cans too. So if this tech catches on we're talking billions of little LCD's being created for essentially one time usage. What do we do with our copies of EW when we're done with them? Can we still recycle them? Or do we have to tear the ads out first? If so, how many people do you think will do that? Then we'll have LCDs and paper being dumped into landfills.

When looking around for some info about the environmental impact of LCDs, I ran across this little article. And hey, its from cnet as well!

'A chemical used to make LCD televisions and semiconductors could cause more global warming than coal-fired power plants, a report warns.'

Well that's just great. Seems a high price to pay just let people know about a new season of How I Met Your Mother. Read both articles and then have an opinion.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Xbox 360 Update and a New, Cheaper Playstaion 3.

I just returned from a week out of town and found that my Xbox had an update waiting while I was away. This new update is actually small changes, compared to the last overhaul. But the biggest thing that is useful for me is the ability to browse Netflix titles that aren't in your instant queue. Now when I login, it gives me the top 50 movies in each category. Last night I checked out an Episode from the first season of "Lost" and "Step Brothers", it's nice to not have to load them to your queue first.

Also, in Sony News, they've come one step closer to getting me to buy one of those damn things by Dropping the price a hundred bucks. I don't care if it's "slim" but I guess it is. I'd be a lot more impressed if they'd build in the PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility like they had in the original PS3s.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Apes! Apes! Apes!

Hey, do you like Planet of the Apes as much as I do? Then head on over to Hulu because those guys just posted the entire series of Return to the Planet of the Apes, the ill advised 70's cartoon series. Check it out!

More fun than Grape Juice Plus.

Thanks, io9.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marvel's 70th Birthday

Last night I went to Marvel Comics 70th Birthday Party at Cosmic Monkey. Pretty fun stuff. All Marvel products were 50% off, so I snatched up the Amazing Adult Fantasy Omnibus that I have had my eye on for years. I never have $75 to spend on comics, but $37.50? Sold!

I also got to meet Spider-Man again. He didn't seem to remember me, but I guess I look a lot different than I did at 7. He would not hold up a sign saying KRONSER IS A PUNK.

All in all a pretty fun time. They even had a birthday cake that looked like Marvel Comics #1. I did not eat any as I don't really like cake and doing so would have caused the cake to go from 'Near Mint' to 'Damaged' fairly quickly. No one wants that on their conscience.
And to think that you only need to know all 70 years of continuity to understand EARTH X.

Walking Dead on TV!?

Hey, motherfuckin Variety says motherfucking Frank Darabont is putting together a Walking Dead TV series. Sounds cool to me, but what do you guys think?

I just hope they don't stick too close to the comic storyline. I've already read those stories, you know? This is a good opportunity for more stories set in this world without using the books as storyboards. At the very least they should come up with a new opening. The comic started just like 28 Days Later, with the hero waking up in the hospital having missed the rise of the zombies. Not saying it was a ripoff though. Both the comic and the movie were made at the same time so it was coincidence as far as I am concerned.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Watch Spaced on Hulu

Spaced is a BBC sitcom, 14 episodes in total by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the guys who brought you Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

I've been meaning to watch this series for a couple months now. I could have gotten it from movie madness. Or put it on my netflix cue. Borrowed it from a friend. Downloaded it illegally. Look for copies on dailymotion. Purchased it. But I usually just wait for things to come to Hulu or instant Netflix instead. As you may have noticed by now. Spaced on Hulu.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Netflix adds Lost to it's streaming service

See. This is why I held off on buying those DVDs.

That and I can borrow all of them from Marq pretty easily.

Netflix to add Lost to Streaming Library

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mega Man History in chart form.

It won't let me post this picture, but it's worth visiting.

A chart showing every mega man release ever. Year by year.

In my humble nerd-pinion, they could have stopped at #2 and it still would have been the best series ever.

Snow > View Gallery

Friday, July 31, 2009


After more than a decade of squandering potential, FOX has gotten it's head out of it's a-hole and...hired SIR RIDLEY FUCKING SCOTT to direct a new ALIEN movie! As you may know, Scott directed the first ALIEN back in 1979. It was only his second feature after The Duelists (kick ass), and a handful of sweet ass commercials. Since then he has gone on to direct a whole bunch of amazing shit such as Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, 1492, G.I. Jane (moving on, moving on...), White Squall, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and Kingdom of Heaven (don't bother with anything but the director's cut), among many others. Truly one of the greatest directors of our age.

And he storyboards his own movies! Well!

Word on the tubes is that this will be a prequel to his original film and is intended to reboot the franchise. After all the AVP bullshit i didn't bother to see this is a surprisingly smart move from the studio. (now if they can just get his brother Tony to take an early retirement...). Naturally I am getting all my facts from Variety.

Here is an example of some his earlier commercial work. If you are old or nerdy you might recognize it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ben Folds and William Shatner - In Love

The previous Shatner Poetry reading made me want to watch this, and share it with you, dear nerd.

Ben Folds and William Shatner - In Love

Shatner Does Palin's Poetry.

Palin's final speech was so beautiful, they had to get a master to read it properly.

Mr. William Shatner.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOST Cast Interview

A nifty little interview with Richard, Ben and Hurly. All those throw pillows are cracking me up!

Michael Emerson (Ben) kind of creeps me out at the 3:25 mark. "Egyptian stuff maybe. (creepy pause) That would be niiiicccceee!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures of indy.

Because everybody loves him. And I have nerd writer's block

Friday, July 17, 2009

Joe Keatinge is Amazing! Spectacular! Web of!

Our good friend Joe Keatinge, who handles PR and Marketing for Image Fucking Comics, just got interviewed by Graphic Novel Reporter! Also, he recently wrote An Open Letter on the 2009 Harvey Award Nominations at Newsarama, which is worth checking out.

And if you got a few extra bucks lying around why don't you go buy Popgun. Its worth your money.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nerd Alert Episode 7 - "Loki is 6'4"!?"

Alright, another sweet ass PODCAST! JP and I get into about Marvel Series 2 trading cards, Trek, Nintendo and... David Leisure? Some dope tunes play throughout the cast if you're into that kind of thing.

Nerd Alert Episode 7 - "Loki is 6'4"!?"

Subscribe to the NerdAlert podcast in iTunes!

This podcast was recorded by Jeff Rad, of the Occasional Radcast.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Korg DS-10 Plus.

Okay, everybody pile into the wayback machine.

*waaaaayback* in March of 2008, I wrote a small post about "game" that was coming to the Nintendo DS, the Korg DS-10, which replicates the Korg MS-10 analog synth. At the time it seemed like a neat idea, but I wasn't into taking a few more semesters wroth of Japanese to crack the language barrier that I would need to use it. Then they released it in the US, so I gobbled it up and made a few tracks.
I've been really happy with it, and I've thought about buying a second DS [dorky]because they can interface with each other over wi-fi and I could do separate channel outputs and do different effects on the high and low parts[/dorky]. But just recently XSEED announced the DS-10 Plus! What's so different about it? Let's ask an awkward Japanese guy!

The DS-10 Plus will be available in Japan on September 17th. It does not have a U.S. release date yet. Also, you'll need a DSi (the newer hardware) to take full advantage of the updates.

Xbox Live : Battlefield 1943

I used to play a ton of Battlefield 1942 back in college, and now it's on Xbox as Battlefield 1943! I only had a chance to play for about an hour last night, and the whole experience was plagued with connection issues so I'm not going to do a review, but here's the GiantBomb review of the game. These guys are great by the way, nerd approved, see their madness at giantbomb.com

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He came all the way from Latveria...

... and boy, are his arms tired!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jack Conte - Impression Video Song

It's not a music video, it's a video song. This guy records every noise he's making on camera, and then syncs it back up with the song to make a music video. Impressive. Most Impressive. He uses a lot of Electro-Harmonix pedals, which are a favorite of mine, and this video makes me want a Memory Man.

Monday, June 29, 2009

HOLY SHIT! Stan Lee as Larry King!

Stan Fucking Lee is going to be ACTING in a movie!

Our source has exclusively told NukeTheFridge.com about the cameo that Stan Lee will be playing in the upcoming sequel, "Iron Man 2."

Iron Man creator and Marvel comics legend, Stan Lee will be playing "Larry King" in "Iron Man 2." Lee as "King" will interview Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) on "Larry King Live." Stan Lee will be questioning Stark about his new, modified "black" Iron Man suit.

Our source has also told us that Stan Lee will be a hidden character in the upcoming video game, "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2." Stan Lee will play a senator in that game.

From Nuke The Fridge.

Desperately missing Michael

God Damn, he was one hard core mofo back in the day.

Let it be remembered that he never turned his back on Smooth Music.

Nerd Approved : Cheapassgamer.com

Sometimes a picture review is better than a written review. There's a weekly podcast, forums, and blogs. Check it out at www.cheapassgamer.com

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Dear Ol' Dad

My dad recently had neck surgery, and since then he has had to wear a neck brace most of the time.

He looks like this.

Which reminds me of this.

No offense to my dad. He never even came close to chopping my hand off.

Went to a Garage Sale Today!

Guess who got HULK HANDS, suckers!
Note that these are the discontinued Eric Bana style of Hulk Hands, not the chump ass Ed Norton plush kind. Now if I can find a pair of THING HANDS I'll be set.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ebert's Transformers 2 review

In it's entirety.

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is a horrible experience of unbearable length, briefly punctuated by three or four amusing moments. One of these involves a dog-like robot humping the leg of the heroine. Such are the meager joys. If you want to save yourself the ticket price, go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination.

I love this review for how short it is. He gives it one star, obviously. Not that you need it, but here is the link.

Erik Henriksen of the Portland Mercury also wrote a great review, which starts with a William Blake quote if you can believe it. I am going to pass on this movie. I wasn't really into Transformers as a kid and I hated the first one.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Game Review - 5 Things about Resident Evil 5

I have yet to write a review of a game that I haven't finished all the way, but I'm starting to think I've played enough to give Resident Evil 5 a fair shake. I'm just going to do a bullet point review because I think a long form would be too rambly.

You are Chris Redfield. They drop you off in this sea of infected African villagers, only they don't really tell you what you need to do. And some of the Africans are Asian. The objective is something like 'survive for 5 minutes' but I kept trying to kill everything on the screen, which I found out (slowly) was impossible with the weapons you are given. After an hour I go back to the title screen and lower the difficulty to "Amateur". Looking back, I can't believe this didn't help me more than it did.

Second, they give you a partner in the game, which completely removes the feeling of isolation. I guess this is good if you have a second player to play the game with. I don't so she's kinda... worthless. Her name is Sheva, no seriously. Her alternate costume is a culturally sensitive leopard loin cloth. Also, when a door is too heavy for just your main character to open, you can pres the B button, and he will stare at Sheva's chest. I don't know what this does, but after a while she helps you open the door.

Third, the game is way too long. And there's not enough ammo. Resident Evil games used to be about ammo scarcity and bad camera angles that made the controls confusing, and therefore, suspenseful. Now it plays a lot like a Gears of War game, the camera is always behind your back, and there's even stuff to duck behind and shoot from. In fact, now that I think of it, the Zombies shoot BACK at you. Since when could a Zombie hold a gun. Now wait up. What does it say about a Zombie if he still has the intelligence to hold a gun straight, fire it at you, and even reload when it runs out of ammo. Pretty soon these Zombies are going to demand the right to vote, cite the Geneva convention, and cop attitudes with pedestrians while driving a car, and drivers while a pedestrian. Where was I?

Fourth. Oh yeah, this game is too long. And there's not enough ammo. Or pockets. I've basically been using my A.I. character as storage space to Chris "Nine Pockets" Redfield. She carries all my grenades, plus a few weapons in case I run low on ammo. I gave her this stun baton back in Act 3, and she hasn't used a bit of ammo since. She gets beat up every once in a while, but I control the herbs. And why can't I pickup ammo for a gun I'm holding, why does "Nine Pockets" Redfield have to have an empty pocket to hold ammo, or combine an herb? I can do those things without pockets!

Fifth. Really game? You're going to keep on going? I fought this thing in Act 5 where I had to use a flamethrower, for about 5 minutes, just pointed at the dumb tentacle Japanese-boss thing. I thought I was doing it wrong and I was about to give up. Then the dumb tentacle thing died. And that still wasn't the final boss. At this point the only fear this game inspires is what else it will make me do to get those remaining achievement points. When is Dead Space 2 coming out?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hodgman calls out Obama

John Hodgman calls Obama out on being a nerd. Obama flashes the Vulcan salute. Twice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shit I Found In My Garage, Part Three

Lots of old drawings, including this comic strip I did for a cartooning class i took at MHCC taught by THE Joe Spooner! It starred Fred and the Nameless Floating Eye.
I know Fred looks like a limp pee pee, but he isn't. He was born out of a middle school project that had us design our own animal. I designed a race of Freds, which were weird hot dog looking things with big eyes in the middle of their bodies. With bow ties. Eventually Fred's upper half flopped back, as it appears here (the bow ties didn't last long).

Fred popped up in my drawings often for quite awhile, sort of like my own Mickey Mouse. This is the only comic strip that I ever did with him, and I like it. I would have loved to do more but I could never think of any four frame jokes that felt worth my time. The Floating eye was created so he would have someone to talk to that didn't take up much of the frame.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shit I Found In My Garage, Part 2

Wow. Its raining really hard right now. Good thing I found my Marvel Super Heroes Umbrella!

It features Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-Man, Captain America, and the Marvel Logo. I can't believe I even considered giving this to Goodwill.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Picture...

...is really funny.

Via Blogtown, which is in turn via Topless Robot
Dear Internet,

Things are becoming too complicated. Why do I have so many "social networking" accounts. I think I have 5 myspace accounts, and 3 twitters, 2 bloggers, and a facebook. Picasa and Flickr, livejournal and typepad, and forums... oh the forums.

What happened to a simpler time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stop Motion Pixel Post-its

Holy Moly. This must have taken weeks to put together.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nerd Apporoved : Cinemassacre.com

Marq posted the Trek-no-babble earlier this month, which comes from James at Cinemassacre.com This is the home of many Sci-Fi and Horror movie reviews, as well as some short clips about nerd culture, "you know what's bullshit" rants, and my favorite feature, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Here is one of my very favorite episodes, Entitled "NES Accessories"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hey look! Another Trek post!

Yes, another trek post. FU, Iam drunk. This video is weird but cool. TOS remake to sell chicken, but done very faithfully. All the actors seem very close to their TOS counterparts, their differences hidden in shadow. Mmmmm. Chicken.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Futurama is back

For your consideration. Futurama's humor didn't reach the height of the Simpsons, but it also never reached the depths. There are some long running plot threads (involving time travel, becoming your own grandfaher, and missing brainwaves) that make the show feel like one big story. Yesterday Comedy Central Ordered New 'Futurama' Episodes. I'm happy for the new episodes, but really all this does is give a dying ember of hope to those Firefly and Arrested Development nerds. Shame on you comedy central.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shit I Found In My Garage, Part 1

The past few weeks I have been slowly cleaning out my garage. Inside there were several large boxes that I had not opened since I moved in over three years ago. Most of them I had not opened since I moved into the house where I lived before, or even at my apartment before that. I lugged these cardboard behemoths around with me all my adult life. Why? Because these boxes held my Collectibles! All the great stuff I had amassed during my Nerd heyday in the late 90's.

What the hell was I thinking!? Going through these boxes made me feel dirty, and I desperately wanted to get clean.

I've purged nearly all of it now, and stand before you a free man. This series of posts will chronicle the stuff I chose to keep, for one reason or another, rather than the stuff I threw away. Y'know, cool stuff like this Batman mask*(shown). I actually wish I could show it all but I didn't think to take pictures of the stuff I threw away.

*Not me in the pic, just one of my mysterious friends.

Nerd Alert Episode 6 : Star Trek Pregame Show

On Episode 6, we talk about the new Star Trek movies, and our different expectations for them. We talk about Mission Impossible 1, 2 and 3. Shakespearean Biggotry. Starcraft. Lou Diamond Phillips and Emilio Estevez. The NES Star Trek game. Ex-girlfriends are into Felicity. Star Trek. Star Wars. Galaxy Quest. More Star Trek. Heroes. Star Trek. Lost. Then more Star Trek. Jonpaul tries to get Mark to talk about other things, but it turns out, that all he wants to talk about it Star Trek, so we talk about that. There's a little echo on the last half of the podcast from Jonpaul's mic. He kindly asks you to deal with it, as this is a month overdue already.

Nerd Alert Episode 6 - Star Trek Pregame Show

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TOS Producer Reviews New Trek

Yes. Another Star Trek post.

Herb Solow, executive producer on The Original Series, reviewed the new movie. It's a quick read from an interesting perspective. I kind of wish he would have gone into more detail about the new and old actors, but oh well. Check it out anyway.

And what do you guys think of the new banner?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, the new Star Trek finally opens this weekend. All new and all improved. Hopefully they cut down on the heavy handed technobabble that has plagued the franchise for, well, pretty much it's entire run.

This video sums it up nicely.

"Full of shit" indeed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Superhero party!

An oldie but a goody. And Margot Kidder!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Spidey web comic

Check this out. It's a hoot!

Monday, April 20, 2009

AHHH! Marketing!

Science fact, just as Gene Roddenberry intended.

Create Your Own

It says you should submit a pic with no glasses, facial hair, or open smiles. Well fuck them, even if it does look like my mouth opens at the top of my teeth.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Transformers 2 will be long!

Just read on Latino Review that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be...147 minutes long! Weepin Jesus on the Cross, more like Revenge of the Fallen Asleep!! Zingers!

Seriously, that's about two and a half hours. Four minutes longer than the last one, according to Bay. I for one do not get it. Why do these movies have to be so long? Don't get me wrong. I love long movies. Epics. Can't get enough of them. Dense stories that require the time it takes to tell them. Transformers is not one of those stories. I know a lot of people like Transformers, but lets be honest. Its about robots fighting. And then turning into cars and walkmans and then back into robots. And then fighting some more. Its not Gangs of New York or Lord of The Rings for fucks sake!

Damnit, Bay! You're great at visuals. Make a tightly paced action movie!!! They're more fun to watch and you can show more of them per day and make more money! You don't need to waste time on Anthony Anderson playing DDR and talking about donuts.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why OnLive won't work (even if it does work).

So even if the OnLive system "works", the client sends controller input to the server which in turn sends the video output back to the client, I don't think it's going to take off. The promise of never upgrading my computer's video card is not that much of an incentive, and here is why.

First, the system is subscription based, and they haven't released pricing which means I'll have to make some assumptions. These assumptions could be dead wrong but I think they're all reasonable.

Let's say the service is comparable to Xbox live for 8 bucks a month. (8 per month). I'm basing this on the reviews which mention a subscription charge, but do not mention a set price (source Shacknews)

Now you have to buy or rent a game. These aren't included in the service they cost additional monies. Again they have been nebulous about pricing, but I'll wager that it's going to be a little cheaper on their server than retail so let's say it's 30 bucks for a game that would usually cost 50.
($30 + 8 per month.)

You're also having to pay for Internet. Right now there's a huge uproar about TimeWarner's Cable Internet pricing. Hulu and other streaming services are threatening the traditional cable TV model, and the Cable companies are responding by threatening higher internet prices. Onlive doesn't really say anything about how many Kbps or Mbps their streaming service will need to function properly, but there is a relationship between how long you spend gaming OnLive and how many Gigabytes per month will be steamed. I'm going to go on the higher end of things and add a 40 GB per month data package for 54.90 per month (source : Gamers with Jobs)

($30 per game + 8 per month + 54.90 per month)

They haven't said how much the "inexpensive" microconsole will be, but I'll wager it's around 30-50 dollars, or included with the service agreement (like a cable modem). Let's just say 30 for now.

($30 per game + $30 for microconsole + $8 per month + $54.90 per month)

So already, on month one, I've spent a about $120 bucks on getting everything up and running, and I'll have an additional 63 dollars per month in connection charges. If I do happen to go over 40 GB in a month, that's an extra $2 per gig. So over the a year the price could be (63 x 12 =) $756. Granted, I'm already spending a bunch on Internet anyway, but I don't use anywhere near the amount of bandwidth that this service requires.

AND! If I ever decide to cancel the OnLive Service my console gets bricked and I probably lose access to my games. What is the microconsole worth to me if it doesn't connect to the cloud? It's like the iPhone, as long as you're paying the subscription fee it's awesome, the second you stop, it's a paperweight. And what about all the Games? Much like the iPhone, I doubt there will be any way to use these applications on anything but the OnLive service. To be fair, they haven't said anything about letting people download physical copies of the game... but again, how the heck is Joe User supposed to play Crysis on a netbook or macbook?

Compare this to the PC I bought from Dell this year. 3 Ghz DuoCore, 3 GB Ram, and a big hard drive for 300 dollars, which I upgraded with a 99 dollar GT9800 video card (400 dollars total). Every game I buy on it will run on it, even if I lose my job, or internet connection, just like my Xbox or DS or Wii.

Here's the other thing.... in 12 months, I could pay another 100 bucks to upgrade the video card on the PC and play newer games. So if the cost of this service is to avoid upgrading your PC every year, I don't think it's a valid argument at all.

5 things that they would have to explain before I jumped on board would be.

1) Do I own a license to play the game on OnLive, or a license to play it on any PC? Can I download a backup to a CD or DVD?

2) How many Kbps/Mbps will the streaming video require. How much data throughput can I expect per month, or at least per hour of play.

3) Why am I paying more per month to get less ownership of the media I purchase? What good is it to have a cheaper console if it increases my data costs?

4) How is this service, which is Broadband based, going to entice people who don't plug their consoles into the Internet, or don't have the ability to do so.

5) Wouldn't the data have to move at the speed of light, almost instantaneously for the service to behave like the Xbox? How many milliseconds of latency are in between my xbox controller and video output because the best case scenario for a ping on the internet is 30-100 ms.

There is a definite benefit to this service, and it would be very impressive to have video games behave like on demand television. However, I think at this point, the costs outweigh the benefits in a huge way. That has not stopped me from signing up for the beta, as I'm very interested in how this plays in the real world with variable connetion speeds, and not just on the GDC controlled environment.


Jonpaul is a blogger and podcaster at the media critic site NerdAlertNerdAlert.com . He still has NES Carts from the 80s that work fine without a monthly fee.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire - Game Developer Magazine

I found a retrospective on the making of Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64. It's a reprint of an article from 1997. Check it out. Awesome if you've played the game in the past... or are still playing it today (I'm looking at you Portland Burrito...)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nerd Alert is in the Battlefield Heroes beta.

Can't review the game yet, but I did get into the Battlefield Heroes beta this week, and it's very fun. If you have a PC, sign up for the beta, It runs in the browser!


Friday, April 3, 2009

GAF Recommendations for XNA Games

I found a thread on NeoGaf today which recommends XNA Community games. Check it out to see if you agree with them. Be forewarned that GAF is not always the most "civil" of message boards, but it is nice to see a thread reviewing the community games.

GAF Recommends XNA Community Games

Wolverine Leaked!

Anyone else excited for the new Wolverine movie? Anyone? Yeah, me neither. Really, who needs second rate hippity hoppity stars playing second rate New Mutants villains? Anyone? Anyone?

Moving on.

As you may have heard, a complete workprint of the flick leaked onto the massive series of tubes we call The Net. Plenty of unfinished effects, clipping errors, etc are present. It's been downloaded a jizillion times, mostly by JonPaul. NY Mag has posted a funny ass slide show, with pics from the workprint, pointing out why its best to see it in theater as opposed to your laptop. Check it out here!

NerdAlert Reccomendation : Creative Screenwriting Podcast

The Creative Screenwriting Podcast talks with film and television writers such as David Hayter (Watchmen, X-men) Joel and Ethan Cohen (No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski) and the entire writing staff of The Office about the process of writing. The list of interviews is very impressive, and no doubt you'll be able to find an episode about a movie you've seen recently.

I just listened to the Watchmen episode last night and found David Hayter's explanation of the ending pretty reasonable. He also explains why he didn't use the "hacksaw" situation from the prison breakout scene from the comic book (he said it was too reminiscent of a similar situation from The Road Warrior, which I'm not sure is a good enough reason). He didn't quite explain all the Skinemax scenes though. Anyway, it's interesting to hear writers defend their decisions, and explain the writing process.

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