LOST season 6 countdown

Friday, May 21, 2010

I think Miles is gonna kill the smoke monster. Because he's the only person who hasn't spoken to him yet. 

I think the scene where Joker shoots Bob the Goon because Batman stole his baloons is one of the funniest things ever shot on film. 

I feel like I should round this out with a third observation. But I won't. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Y'know whats funny? HITLER!

A few years ago there was a really good German movie about Hitler's last days. It was called Downfall, and if you haven't already seen it you really need to (it also makes a great double feature with MAX). Here is a very good scene where Hitler finally realizes that there is no hope of victory. He has a little tantrum and then finally accepts the inevitable.

Oscar gold! Am I right?

Well, since Downfall came out there have been many Youtube videos that replace the subtitles on that scene for comedic effect. The first one I saw was Hitler as Hillary Clinton learning that she wouldn't defeat Obama. Funny stuff. But that was when there were maybe a half dozen of these things out, and now they exceed my ability to count. I wanted to make a posting that included every single one, but I think they are being generated faster than I can embed them. They seem to attack with overwhelming odds, just like real Nazis. Here are as many as I can handle.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Holy shit! Valve is bringing Steam to the Mac!

I'm usually no big cheerleader for corporations, but this is one time where my interests are intersecting in such a way that I can't ignore it.

Valve (makers of Half Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Portal) are bringing their games to the Mac. This alone would be very good news. But it gets better.

They're also bringing their online store Steam (think iTunes but instead of music it's face-melting video games) which will encourage other gaming companies to start getting on the ball with their own Mac versions. They're also doing something kind of unprecedented. If you've already bought the game on PC, they're going to allow you to download it on your Mac. And to cap it off? They're going to have cross platform multiplayer, so PCs and Macs can play together.

Valve games constitute about 75% of all PC games I play. Today's news is that I might never buy another Windows machine again.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Every Day the Same Dream

Every Day the Same Dream This is a game. There are only three buttons (backwards, forwards, and interact) and there is no wrong way to play it. You wake up, drive to work, and sit down. The goal is to break the rules. Can you win?

I've tried a few times. So far catching the leaf is as far as I've gotten. And sometimes the lady in the elevator says something different. Games are getting weird, and moody. I think it's a great sign.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST...in space?

I am trying to get the latest podcast up before the season premiere of LOST tonight, but there are some technical issues so who knows if that's going to happen. To tide you over I thought I would share this with you.

Did you know that the WB tried to reboot Lost In Space as a TV series in 2004? And that the pilot was directed by John Woo? You know, the director of such awesome action films as Hard Boiled, Face/Off, and... Windtalkers. Not a terrible show it seems, though it never got past the pilot, which you can see here (embedding was disabled for some reason).

Thankfully, Matt LeBlanc is nowhere to be seen