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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nerd Alert Episode Three!

After nearly a month, Nerd Alert! is back! And we have not one, but TWO special guests! Joining us is Mayhaw Hoons, of the world famous Shaky Hands, and Joe Keatinge, PR & Marketing Coordinator for IMAGE COMICS! Joe isn't just some geek with a title, he is a legitimate creative threat! He wrote the Fletcher Hank's Stardust story in Image's Next Issue Project #1: Fantastic Comics #24, due in stores February 13th! Hell, its even illustrated by Mike Allred! You know, that guy who did Madman? And X-Statix? Well anyway, on top of all that Joe co-edited Pop Gun. Vol 1! And he is, like, totally best friends with Eric Larsen! And he lives in Stan Lee's pool house!

Nerd Alert Episode 3

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