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Friday, April 25, 2008

Bungie's next Halo

So... everyone's been wondering. Will they do Halo 4? Should they do Halo 4?

Looking at last week's MLG replays from the Meadowlands I suddenly reazlied.... Halo 3 is big stuff. It's big enough for people to base professional careers upon. It can't just shrivel and die the way of Goldeneye or Max Payne, it's a franchise that needs to constantly reinvent itself.

So... with that being said. It looks like 1up.com has dug up rumors of a new Halo game for 2009.

"we've heard rumblings that the first one will be a Halo spin-off due in late 2009. Our spies tell us to expect a third-person action/adventure shooter hybrid that takes place before the original Halo, chronicling early skirmishes between the ODST troops and the Covenant."

The article also mentions that this may, or may not, be related to the Halo project that Peter Jackson and WETA Digital are working on. Also interesting is the Third Person Perspective, the original Halo:CE was designed to be more of a third person RTS game, interesting to see Bungie go back to it's original game plan, with Halo Wars and this Spin Off.

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