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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Battlecock Galactiballs: The stupid Plan.

Me and Feyonce recently finished up the entire series of Battlestar Galactica. I am actually proud of the fact that I got her to watch it at all. Lets face it, a title like Battlestar Galactica doesn't inspire a lot of interest from a potential audience. Before long I was overhearing her say "I love BSG" to her friends and family, with no provocation on my part. She even cried at the finale! A lot of people hated the ending but I thought it was great, though not perfect (is anything?). All in all, a solid program that is infinitely superior to the original (anyone who disagrees probably like Voyager). I was both sad and glad to see it end.

And then there was 'The Plan'.

'The Plan' was a follow up movie that was supposed to show the first two seasons of the show from the perspective of the Cylons. OMG! I was so there!

I never thought the Cylon's plan would be so boring.

Adama himself promised it would show the entire series in a new light, prompting you to reevaluate what you thought you knew. Apparently this meant showing Cylons switching wigs and hiding in closets to confuse silly humans. Wow. What a revelation. Although its nice to have some plot holes finally filled it felt like I had selected 'play all' on a DVD of webisodes. Probably the worst part of the movie was the pointless inclusion of nudity. Don't get me wrong, I love the nudes, but putting in a bunch of naked extras out of focus in the background, at this point in a nudity free series, seems like a shameless cry for attention. And it's not just naked ladies. There is some penis in here to. A quick zoom in on an anonymous penis in a co-ed restroom. Why the frak is there a penis on a show called Battlestar Galactica?

The whole thing seems pointless. And aside from an incredibly awesome opening showing the Cylons destroying humanity it's not really worth watching. But lets hope it does well so we can get a Final Five movie out of the deal. That's what this should have been.



cleartrampoline said...

I think it's rad that you and Liz watched BSG in its entirety, because it rulz! I knew you would like it. You'd be crazy not to.

And for the record, the original series is entertaining, albeit not incredible. It's kinda better than the holiday special... but not as good as Return of the Jedi. Maybe it's more like the Ewoks and the battle for endor. Only without the annoying Drew Barrymore baby girl.

Tele Gram said...

From reading the release summary of 'The Plan' on a recent Best Buy trip (yes, at Jantzen Beach) I couldn't understand the motivation behind the project. Thanks for filling in my gap there. - P.S. I'm one of those Voyager people