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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Y'know whats funny? HITLER!

A few years ago there was a really good German movie about Hitler's last days. It was called Downfall, and if you haven't already seen it you really need to (it also makes a great double feature with MAX). Here is a very good scene where Hitler finally realizes that there is no hope of victory. He has a little tantrum and then finally accepts the inevitable.

Oscar gold! Am I right?

Well, since Downfall came out there have been many Youtube videos that replace the subtitles on that scene for comedic effect. The first one I saw was Hitler as Hillary Clinton learning that she wouldn't defeat Obama. Funny stuff. But that was when there were maybe a half dozen of these things out, and now they exceed my ability to count. I wanted to make a posting that included every single one, but I think they are being generated faster than I can embed them. They seem to attack with overwhelming odds, just like real Nazis. Here are as many as I can handle.


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