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Friday, March 20, 2009


I talked about this during the podcast, but I thought I would reiterate. Marvel (y'know, comics) is finally releasing Spider-Man 2099 as a trade! About freakin' time! I bought the first issue at the first con I went to. Actually it wasn't really a con. It was more like a few vendors (i.e. local card shops) in a hotel lobby with a few tables set up. Anyway, the series was great. The writing was good and the art was fucking awesome. Leonardi is the man. I loved his shit in Warlock and the Infinity Watch (don't laugh), and was pumped when he came back to 2099 to do Fantastic Four 2099, another fun book. I only read the first issue of that one so I am not sure how long it hung around. Probably not long since 2099 imploded soon after.

But I digress.

Spider-Man 2099 vol.1, collecting issues 1-10, is hitting April 22nd. The price? $30.

$30? That struck as being a little high. I guess it makes sense, but still. Am I a cheap bastard? Or just chronically broke? Whatever. I'll still buy the damn thing. But for $30 it better have some kind of cool foil/embossed/hologram cover.

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