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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Game Review : Madworld for Wii - 1/5 Stars

I heard that Madworld was for the seasoned gamer like myself. What I found was a mindless beat-em up, with the same "waggle your right while moving with your left" as the majority of 3rd person over the shoulder Wii games. The problem is that I'm not looking for another game that controls like Zelda, but has the F word and a lot of blood. That's not what draws me into games, and makes me want to keep playing them. For example, Grand Theft Auto obviously has violence, but that's not the reason it suceeds. It succeeds because of the environment that it builds around your character is so believeable, the radio and the cars, and the pedestrians and random dialogue, that when violence is interjected its stunning and demands your attention. Chainsawing a guy up the middle over and over again doesn't have the same kind of oomph.

The graphics are pretty good, and it pulls of the Black, White and Red of Sim City or Grendel as a video game, which is no small feat. It actually looks like a Frank Miller drawing in motion. The sound mix is abysmal, and I had to adjust the levels in order to hear to "mature" commentary. It's provided by Futurama's John Dimaggio but you would never know that because it's suspiciously missing on his IMDB page

Let's not get started on that man in the black-face.

In short, stunning violence and profanity do not a hardcore game make. Give me some innovative use of the control scheme, like Boom Blox or Residen Evil 4 or Mario Kart. Do not buy. Do not rent. 1/5 Stars.

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