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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shit I Found In My Garage, Part 1

The past few weeks I have been slowly cleaning out my garage. Inside there were several large boxes that I had not opened since I moved in over three years ago. Most of them I had not opened since I moved into the house where I lived before, or even at my apartment before that. I lugged these cardboard behemoths around with me all my adult life. Why? Because these boxes held my Collectibles! All the great stuff I had amassed during my Nerd heyday in the late 90's.

What the hell was I thinking!? Going through these boxes made me feel dirty, and I desperately wanted to get clean.

I've purged nearly all of it now, and stand before you a free man. This series of posts will chronicle the stuff I chose to keep, for one reason or another, rather than the stuff I threw away. Y'know, cool stuff like this Batman mask*(shown). I actually wish I could show it all but I didn't think to take pictures of the stuff I threw away.

*Not me in the pic, just one of my mysterious friends.

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