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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shit I Found In My Garage, Part Three

Lots of old drawings, including this comic strip I did for a cartooning class i took at MHCC taught by THE Joe Spooner! It starred Fred and the Nameless Floating Eye.
I know Fred looks like a limp pee pee, but he isn't. He was born out of a middle school project that had us design our own animal. I designed a race of Freds, which were weird hot dog looking things with big eyes in the middle of their bodies. With bow ties. Eventually Fred's upper half flopped back, as it appears here (the bow ties didn't last long).

Fred popped up in my drawings often for quite awhile, sort of like my own Mickey Mouse. This is the only comic strip that I ever did with him, and I like it. I would have loved to do more but I could never think of any four frame jokes that felt worth my time. The Floating eye was created so he would have someone to talk to that didn't take up much of the frame.


Marq Young said...

Feyonce just said he looks like string cheese. Maybe thats what he is,

Nick said...

Keep up the things i found in my garage part of the blog. it's awesome